LEVEL UP : Hand + Arm-Balancing

When: Sun, June 9th 11:30am-2pm

Where: ‘The Sweet Spot’, 1808 McAllister Street, San Francisco, USA

Join Christie in a boutique workshop where she will teach you the foundations of hand and arm-balancing. Expect to play in both arm balances and inversions, designed for all-levels - there will something for everyone to explore!

Space is limited! Only 12 spots available!

Get Lifted: Cannabis education + yoga workshop

When: Sunday, June 9th 12:00pm - 2pm

Where: 'The Sweet Spot', 1808 McAllister Street, San Francisco, Ca 94115

Cannabis: Canna-Curious? Why are there so many different strains? How do they work? How will I know whats right for me? Can I tailor my high to suit my needs? Chakra will answer these questions and a whole lot more, in a hands on and nose on interactive workshop. You will walk away knowing why cannabis does what it does and how to make your experience more predictable. 

Yoga: This practice will focus on Christie’s signature style of flowing with a focus on static stretching. Static stretching means a stretch is held in a challenging but comfortable position for a period of time, usually somewhere between 10 to 30 seconds. Static stretching is the most common form of stretching found in general fitness and is considered safe and effective for improving overall flexibility, mobility as well as stress + pain relief.
NOTE: This event is limited to 12 participants only to ensure that you receive the highest quality teaching as well as one-on-one attention from Christie + Chakra; including time for Q + A at the end of the workshop.

More info, FAQs + tickets here.


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