The art of hand balancing

When: Saturday, November 9th, 2019 11:00am-2pm

Where: ‘The Sweet Spot’, 1808 McAllister Street, San Francisco, USA

“No stunt is more beautiful, more symmetrical, more eye pleasing, more attention-attracting, or more universally admired than the handstand. No stunt is more indicative of highly developed neuro-muscular coordination, controlled strength and power, and skillful daring than the handstand. No stunt is more satisfying to do, more impressive to watch, or more widely performed, than the handstand.” — E.M. Orlick 

In this 3 hour workshop, you will learn about:

- Proper use of hands to strengthen and protect the wrists

- Bandhas: what they are, and how they relate to 'floating' into handstand

- Breath: how to ride the breath instead of throwing your bones around!

- Practical exercises to strengthen arms, shoulders and core in order to develop stability

- Ways to modify or advance your postures as well as develop an understanding of using props to support your practice

**The only requirement is that you have 6 months of consistent yoga practice**

NOTE: This event is limited to 10 participants only to ensure that you received the highest quality teaching as well as one-on-one attention from Christie.

Stay Gold,